6 apps that will make your life easier… Because sometimes it’s ok to have your face in your phone

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Do you rely on your phone or tablet to keep your busy life organized? Me too!


Recently, I realized how much I do and how many apps make my life easier by keeping track of my photos, to-do lists, even my health. I want to share a few of the apps that might be useful for you.


Also, I’d love to hear about your favorite apps! Reply to this email and let me know which ones really help you, save you time, or save you money. 


Have a Great Day!

Cheryl Bower

June 2017

Backing up your photos has never been easier! The magicians at Google have developed Google Photos for you to store and find photos easily. You can organize via face recognition, date, and by places. Store as much as you want because space is unlimited.


Tired of dealing with traffic? Download this handy app to find the quickest ways around the jams that slow you down.



Grocery delivery service from stores such as Whole Foods, Costco, Mollie Stone's, Safeway & more!

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An easy way to organize your grocery lists, get recipe suggestions & find out about coupons.

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Want to know what’s in your neighborhood? Quickly find a gas station, restaurant, bank or hospital with AroundMe. It shows you a complete list of businesses and how far away they are. It’s perfect if you’re getting to know a new neighborhood.


My Fitness Pal helps you easily keep track of your calories and your steps. With a database of 5 million foods, barcode nutrition scanner and a recipe importer, it’s easy to find balance between healthy eating and exercise.


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