Explore Science Near San Francisco

Learn science on San Francisco real estate.A favorite spot of many San Francisco real estate owners and visitors to the city is the Exploratorium. Located on the beautiful Pier 15, this is a great place to visit for a day, consider a membership to, hold a special or corporate event, or attend a special program. The Exploratorium offers a fun and hands on day of learning to people of all ages. Come check out the six galleries that make up the museum and tinker, investigate the living world, learn more about thoughts, feelings, and social behavior. Investigate light, vision, sound, and hearing. Go outside to learn more about wind, the tides, and other natural phenomenon in our world, and also discover more about the history, ecology, and geography of the Bay area.

This facility also offers a tactile dome that lets visitors navigate in total darkness, a venue for music and films, and a collection of artwork on display. The Exploratorium is a beloved spot for field trips and other group outings, The gift shop and restaurant will send all visitors back to their San Francisco home or hotel with a full belly and new trinkets with which to tinker and remember a grand visit. Check out the Exploratorium to learn more and plan a trip.

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