Is 2019 your year for better health & vitality? A Naturopathic doctor may be part of your success plan!

Since the new year is here, if improved health is on your list of resolutions, read on.

If you are looking for an alternative, more thorough approach to health care than traditional medicine look no further then Thyme Integrative Health, a naturopathic healthcare practice.

I've been seeing Dr. Brittany Sherman since early 2018 for a few things including treating a long history of very high cholesterol.  There is a huge difference in approach & attention to detail with an ND, naturopathic doctor. Naturopathic healthcare complements traditional medicine & may be something to incorporate into your overall health plan.  

A couple of key differences with an ND are the very thorough blood tests such as the Boston Heart test which goes into so much more detail than the standard blood panels done with an MD which is typically a ratio of HDL to LDL cholesterol levels whereas the Boston Heart test also checks how much cholesterol you are producing in addition to how much cholesterol you are absorbing from your diet.

The test also checks for inflammation markers which impact the risk of heart attack or stroke, along with testing for what statins genetically are most compatible for you, if you do need to go on statins.

I learned about advanced lipid panel testing via an excellent interview with Dr. Alan Hopkins:

The advanced lipid panel that he recommends:

Per Dr. Hopkins, one test that is critical to have done as part of a blood panel is checking Lipoprotein-A (Lp(a)), “a genetic variant of the LDL cholesterol which 1 in every 5 people in the USA have. Your risk of heart attack goes up threefold depending on Lp(a) levels.”

My Lp(a) is 105 which is high, the target is 50-70.

Results of a portion of my panel are attached so you can compare the details of a Boston Heart test vs. a traditional blood panel.

Since seeing Dr. Sherman, I’ve been on a regimen of niacin, ubiquinol (COQ10) & other health supplements to improve cholesterol health along with changing my diet.  I will re-test in a couple of months.

Instead of taking fish oil, I’ve switched to Nordic Naturals plant based omega 3’s which I feel is more sustainable:

I’ve also had hormones checked via the very thorough Dutch Hormone Test, again a big difference when compared to the testing offered by an MD.

Ladies, if you are on hormone replacement therapy (HRT), Thyme works with Feel Good Compounders to create custom bioidentical hormone treatments based on your hormone test results.

The staff at Feel Good Compounders are very nice & will mail your prescriptions to you at no cost.

Thyme also offers vitamin B shots which I have done.  More details here:

Lastly, the appointments with Dr. Sherman have been very thorough; you are definitely not a number being rushed through your appointment & will be seen on time.  

My first visit was 90 minutes during which time she went through a very comprehensive process of learning about my health history, health goals & how to achieve them.  She is extremely thorough & knowledgeable about the chemistry of one’s body based on these specific tests which is very impressive. She is also responsive with follow up questions via email.

Dr. Sherman also got me hooked on infrared sauna sessions so much so that I ended up purchasing a Jacuzzi sauna.

The research on the health benefits of infrared saunas is mixed.  Regardless, it’s 30 minutes to unwind listening to music or a podcast & I feel it helps me to sleep better at night.

Depending on your insurance coverage, some of the visits & tests may not be covered.  I’d rather pay out of pocket if & when needed for good healthcare. This is one area not to scrimp on.

Here’s to your good health in 2019 & on!

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