Retire Inspired! How to have more $$$ in the bank!

I hope all is well.


Hard to believe we are already into February!


Hopefully your New Year's resolutions are off to a great start.


I wanted to share a great book that I listened to:  Retire Inspired


The author, Chris Hogan has some great tips on money management & investing.


He used to work with Dave Ramsey.  On Dave's website you will find the budgeting app, Every Dollar.  For $99/year, the paid version syncs all your accounts in one place allowing you to track your finances.


You may be surprised where your money is going.  I know I was!


I also hired a financial advisor that I'm working with on Dave's site.  Scott has re-organized & re-invested some of my Schwab IRA accounts which were actually losing money.  Within a few weeks, I'm already seeing solid gains on these accounts.


I highly recommend Scott Arwin:


Happy to share any other resources you may need.


I'm excited to be on the path of more mindful spending & creating a larger nest egg.


Take care!


*This is my personal opinion & is not a paid endorsement of the mentioned products or services.  I love sharing cool stuff that will hopefully make a difference in your life.


Wait for it....a Coco blooper is at the end.

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