Tip #2: Why is it Important that Your Agent Presents Your Offer in Person?

Tip #2 for increasing the chance of your offer getting accepted


So few agents present offers in person, instead emailing their clients offer to the list agent.


A buyer's agent who takes the extra step of presenting an offer in person to the list agent is another way to build confidence with the list agent along with reassure him/her that the escrow will be seamless & close on time if my client's offer is accepted.  


All my buyers escrows have closed for the past several years!  This is a result of making sure the lender details have been handled up front as well as being very thorough at the start with disclosure & inspection review before the offer is written thereby minimizing any potential surprises during escrow. 


Presenting in person is also a great way to build rapport when the list agent has not met the buyer's agent.


Presenting in person is how real estate was done in "the old days" before we had all our wonderful technology.  In a competitive market, especially when inventory is down 45% from last year (for the month of August), this is one of the key steps to my buyers success.


Click here if you missed my video about including a buyer introduction letter with your offer.


I work really hard to encourage the list agent to allow me to present in person & assure them it will be a streamlined presentation.  It's also another opportunity to discuss any questions they have about the offer details.


Through conversation, I am sometimes able to get a sense of where my client's offer stands in relation to the other offers that may already be in hand.


I hope you find this tip helpful.


Please reach out via email, cell or text if you have any questions.


Take care!


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